Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday March 23,2010...I think

Well...It has been like I was back in high school for the last 4 days. SuAnne and I have not changed one bit...well a little, but not much, just a little older than our 12 year old selves. That just means we have more money. Thank you from the bottom of my heart SuAnne, I will miss you so much. Also thank you to Paul for looking after the girls so she could come and help look after me. My heart is lighter now. The only problem is I will miss you.

Kids are still struggling a bit. Not sure how to help them. I just hope I continue to get better faster so i at least start to appear normal. Myah has been in tears every 5 minutes and doesn't want anyone but me to do everything. They have each struggled in their own way and I am hoping this is almost over. We are all at our limit for now.

Janice and Kim sent a beautiful basket yesterday.........so cool. Thank you so much, I have never seen anything like that before.

Natalie what can I say....I love you too, they are beautiful. I cannot wait to get to this summer, I will be making you run down that long camp road with me again - of course we can stop to breath - but not for long. We miss you very much. Kids said they really wish you would come here and visit. Maybe at the start of July if you have nothing up...??

I continue to feel crappy most of the time. This is driven me crazy...not bored, too sick for that, but just want my life back. I catch glimpses of it here and there, but it still feels out of reach right now. I know it is just around the corner.

Heh Pamela............can I get a tea please......thirsty over here.

Cindy, cookie lady, I am growing a huge ass laying in bed eating all your treats. i cannot resist, yummy.

Paula and Claus, thanks for welcoming SuAnne into your home and being so great.

Food continues to be wonderful, and it amazes me how much we need it, I am always the last to know..........where would we be without all of you, thank you so much.

Have an amazing Tuesday, the sun is coming.......just stay tuned.



  1. I made you a hot cup of tea - just like you like it. But it is still sitting here getting cold.... just like you like it. :)
    Love ya

  2. I just had to share ..hoping this will lift you a bit today .. so I am sitting here on the laptop and the largest hornet on the planet just drops from the roof onto my arm, I understandably freak out completely, scream and get up from my seat and while trying to run away smash into a chair, trip and smash into the hutch and fall in the most awkward position .. remember my never ending fractured foot .. well it is puffing up like a balloon as we speak!! My knee is aching and I just took some Advil … BUT the sun is shining and for one small moment I am glad I can take some advil and all should be okay shortly :) I miss you Colleen .. xoxo

  3. Thinking of you! Just got back from a tribunal observation....wow, what a bunch of crazy people...I actually couldn't help but laugh at some of them today. One guy who was suppose to in for his hearing actually got arrested in the lobby right before his was starting....ugh.

    One month left of school! So much to do over the next couple of weeks!

    Hopefully we get to see you soon! Feel better, love you lots!