Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Sunday

Today has started off not too bad. I am in the middle of my big test, nurse was here @ 8:45 to take it out, now I have to go...get it go...and then call them. They then return test it with what looks like a snake someone would use to unplug the toilet and if anything else comes out @ that time, back in it goes. I will update later, hopefully without the bag.

Nothing new around here, quiet weekend. I am sleeping less during the day and that makes the night sleeping better. It is very quiet without Sam and Myah here to stir things up.

I watched that movie where the Wild things are....not so much. I wasn't thrilled about it. SLOW.

It is so great to hear from the girls in the great white north....see we do live way too far apart. I say that every summer. I love you guys.

I put pants on right now cuz I can at least until she comes back...just because I can.



  1. Hi! Just got the blog info., sooo great to be able to follow the goings-on at the Utrosa household. Thank you Pam! Smart AND beautiful...I never would have thought that gross teenager with 3 weeks worth of dirty dishes under her bed would have turned out to be soooo stellar! Love you.
    Suzi-Q, sounds like you have had quite the week, to say the least. Keep up your great attitude, it will get u thru the shitty bits.
    How's the appetite?
    Wishing I were closer and am thinking of you all the time. Will be up next weekend to do whatever I can. Get on your best "bossy boots" cause I am your slave for a few days!
    Love you, S

  2. Wow, a snake like contraption, that sounds like fun! Hope it all goes ok, want you feeling better soon!

    Where the Wild Thing Are....I tried to watch it, but it seemed kind of weird. I watch An Education last night, which was really good. My dad was telling me about Crazy Heart...I want to see that, he told me "if you want to watch a guy like me falling down drunk all over the place" that's pretty much what the movie is...I still want to see it.

    Love your posts, and love you! Hope you have a good day! xoxo