Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday March 16. 2010

This being unable to do much sucks.
I am moving a bit more, but it is not easy and I still feel really exhausted and sick most of the time.
I am not pushing it, but come on......It is scary how quickly your body stops working if you don't move it.

The weather is great sitting in my bedroom by the window in the big rocking chair, it is very healing.
Sunshine does wonders for broken spirits.

The kids have been great, we get the other two home today so will have to see how that goes. I have really missed them.

I appreciate all the support you guys have been given me, dinner, flowers, lip gloss, bran muffins and more...and especially all the kindness and love, it blows me away.

Have a great Tuesday, almost half way through the March break...wow. We all better pay attention life is flying by.



  1. Hello again Colleen!
    My mother wanted me to comment on her behalf, and say that she loves you and is thinking about you!
    Wish we were nearer to you so we could help out.
    Hope you're at least feeling the love we send from Thunder Bay!
    hugs and kisses!
    - Natasha! :)

  2. Hey Colleen
    Isn't that the perfect name for St Patrick's Day.
    you can colour the water in all your toilets green, for the super celebration.
    Grandma has seen all the updates, she's pretty impressed, doesn't like the curse words though, figures you got those from Clarence.
    We're all cheering for you, stay positive.
    Love you
    Uncle tom

  3. Hi,
    I agree, time is going by way too quickly. We really need to stop, at least every once in a while, to take in all our good fortune, family, friends.
    Keep thinking positive, you will be outside in that sunshine, running, before too long. But give yourself time to heal, and as tough as it may be doing nothing right now...think back six months ago when you were wishing for a quiet moment to read that magazine article, or have a warm cup of coffee... uninterrupted! Before you know it you will be back on the crazy-parent treadmill!
    I love you,