Wednesday, March 10, 2010

day 6

Goodmorning pep's. It actually is a good morning. I am up and and around, thanks to nurse Nancy...who lets me get away with nothing. Good thing I love her. Kids played basketball and went to dance and sparks last night, all had good times and today are grumpy and tired. I slept most of yesterday, just not a good day, but today has started better, I know this because I can actually focus so far...I might even venture down the stairs who knew this would require much prompting and guidance, and support.

This is a good way to get in touch with me, I will check often.

I have heard from a good source that Sam's Dance contest winner is the Fyfe family....a think they are getting the big cheque...congratulations.

luv ya.


  1. Hey Ladies! I love this blog idea! Cheers to you Pamela! I am happy to hear that you are having a good day today Colleen. Kirsten picked up a get well card for you....she knew as soon as she picked it that she wanted to buy it for you with her own money. She will give it to one of the boys to give to you or wait until you are up for visitors so she can see/hear your response.

  2. Hi Colleen
    So happy to get your post! Hope that your healing gets better every day. It was good to speak with Pam on Monday. I'm on my way to Montreal for 4 days of meetings but will call and hopefully visit next week when I get back and before I leave for THunder Bay on the 20th. I'll send this to Judy. Much love. Sylvia

  3. Hey! This is a great way to let us know how you're doing! Grandma told me that you've been having the same feelings as her in regard to the phone...haha, she's so funny. Hope you feel better soon, you'll get through it, it's just a little bump in the road. Kris and I are thinking of you guys, and sending our love.

    Love Jess xoxo

  4. Hey Colleen, glad to hear today is better.
    I love this blog thing....
    Take it easy remember where ever you go you have to get back again...kinda like an out and back, so pace yourself.
    Hope you've started eating a bit!
    Thinking about you lots and lots. If you need me call.
    Seriously on the winning? Yahoo!!!
    Wishing good things for you and your yours.

  5. Hey Colleen

    Great to hear you are feeling better, it can only get better baby! Thinking of ya and praying for an extra speedy recovery. Hope to have a cafe with soon, luv ya


  6. Hey you,

    YEAH!!! Very glad to hear you are feeling a little better. This blog thing is a fabulous idea. Miss you!


  7. Hello, I wishing you guys all good days
    Uncle Tom
    The pic you have chosen reminds me of the hotel I stayed in in Chicago minus the gorgeous female, what hotel of the five I resided in thanks to you guys? The Hard rock, I have picture evidence, which I'll forward.
    I think grandma had an operation like yours for other resons when your mom and I were younger, I can remember my dad sneeking us up the fire escape after hours to see her. We didn't want her sick, nor did we want her to be in the hospital. She claims her mother hired her a maid to help out ( a maid with serious religious differences, this helps make a better story) My memory has me moving in with a friend down the street for a couple of weeks. These stories will have to be verified.
    Love you guys
    Uncle Tom

  8. Hey Colleen!!! Miss you so much, but didn't want to poop you out with another visitor the other day. I'm going to barge in soon though. Maybe next week. By then any stitches should be healed over well enough that we can both have a good belly laugh over stupid stuff. That's the best kind!!! Muah Muah Muah!!