Monday, March 22, 2010

Back to School

Well...they are off to school, house is quiet and calm.

We had a good March break thanks to lots of help from everyone. Couldn't have done it without you guys. You kept our kids busy and happy. What more can we ask. Thank you so much from the bottom of my (our) heart.

I have SuAnne staying with me for a couple of days, all the way from Ottawa, to make sure I continue to rest and get better while everyone returns to work and school. We don't get to spend lots of time together anymore so this is really great and she is taking very good care of me. Gee I am really getting spoiled. Everyone can start to call me Eloise..I do kinda live in my apt...aka Penthouse most of the time anyway...(my bedroom).

I do feel better all the time, kinda one step forward, slow easy steps. I just want to be back to normal........still a ways off I think.

Thanks to Karen and Family for the special

Welcome home to the March breakers who left the area, glad to have you back.

Big giant thank you again for March break madness you guys.

Also the food has been wonderful, just wonderful..we are so grateful.

luv you all

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  1. Isn't school great!!! Except for the fact I have to get up early to make sure the kids make it to school....possible on time. Making lunches sucks!
    I'm glad you are enjoying your time with SuAnne, it must have been nice and quiet around the house today.
    Timmy's is not the same without you. We are off to Tim's tomorrow morning. Call if you need anything. Let me know if you need me to drive the kids to school.
    I should thank you for sending Myah over to keep Tyler busy!!

    Luv ya,