Friday, March 12, 2010

Thank God It's Friday

TGIF...the only downer is that I still have a tube coming out of my bladder. Kinda puts a new twist on a beer drinking contest, I could so win..never have to get up. My nurse (the real one) was here this AM and she says we are going to test taking the catheter out this Sunday, but I have to pass a test to keep it out....WHAT. How do you study for this type of test?? I will cram until Sunday to ensure I can get it out and keep it out. If it was that easy eh. There is hope though.

The kids had a contest all week in our attempt to get them to go to school. Ben won with overall standings and William finally finished in metal standing this AM. This has worked so well, it is a new program at the Utrosa household for daily scheduling timeliness.

Have a wonderful weekend, Vik is on duty after this afternoon, oh boy.

luv you all


  1. Hey Colleen - (Suz) - its been a pleasure to be here and chat with all your friends while you are getting better. I will miss you every moment I am away from you.
    Get better and stay that way - says me!!
    love you all - :)
    Pamela (aka Fart)

  2. When can I see you? Stitches healed? I hope so. Cuz when I see you we are going to have some laughts. I dont' want to poop you out if you are tired and overwhelmed with visitors. Can I bring alcohol? Consider it internal cleansing. Remember - reach. Love you lots! Lots love you! XOX!

  3. What a fabulous idea with the medal standing? I was wondering why you were always beating us to school. Shit, now I have to come up with some type of motivation. The only thing that works for Trevor is money.....crap, and I don't have
    I'm hear if you need me, I'll even change your pee pack for you.......that's love babe.
    Pamela, I'm glad you and Colleen had this time together. You are both lucky to have each other, but I'm sure you already know that. Safe journey home.
    Love ya

  4. Hello Colleenbeanie: You sound a little better today (a little spunkier) and I'm so glad. Love the medal standing thing, but how does it work? I might have to try it here. Both for incentive to school and bed. I'm sure you will miss Pamela...have a safe drive back home. Keep up the healing, Colleen and continue to rest as much as you can. love, Kim