Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday March 20, 2010

Hello out there.
I am feeling better and better....and better.

I actually went to see Sam play his last soccer game today in his tournament. He scored 2 goals, Sam U rock.
It was really great to see him play, I actually felt normal for half an hour...and I showered, cool.

I can see I will heal quicker now that I am on my way...thank goodness...amen.
It is easier to heal the surgery part and the emotional part is coming...slowly but coming.

Ben tossed us a curveball last eve...cut his leg.......5 stitches at Port Perry Hospital, Vik loved that.
We have no dull moments at our house. Ben was worried he wouldn't be able to play hockey but it looks like he will make it.

I hope everyone is doing well this March break and getting ready to be back at it come Monday.

Vik has been working non stop on Will's bedroom...with Claus of course...I call them Dick and Richard. Such a cute couple. I will be thrilled if that room can get done.

I have napped and read most of the week and the days fall into each other, except I have Myah here to remind to hurry up and wake up and get up...she is not going to let me slack off at all.

I love you all

I have gotten the nicest letters of support and love from the most unexpected places, they are so wonderful to get and I appreciate them so very very much. I am grateful.

laugh often, love much and make sure to giggle


  1. Hope Ben's leg is OK - way to go Sam!!! You really do Rock.
    Things are getting back to normal around here - cleaned and threw out lots from downstairs - was beginning to look like a hording show.
    Keep taking it slowly - hope to see a photo of Will's room.
    love ya - LOO

  2. How terribly boring life would be without our children! xoxoxo

    Our quiet house will come to an end today, my parents lasted 3 whole nights with the rug rats and man what a lovely break. I had two Epicure parties to do this weekend so it was nice to meet new people and get dressed, makeup .. you know adult stuff :)

    Keep on posting .. I love reading your posts.

    Love you lots! HUGS HUGS HUGS !!