Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sweet Saturday

Happy Saturday and what is the first day of the March break. How is it we have gotten to the March break?? I do hope whatever your plans, near or far they are fun and safe. We have 2 less kids for 4 days thanks to Pamela and Rob and it actually feels like we have no kids. WEIRD. Good timing is everything and this is good timing for all of us.

I am up and around, a little trying to do more everyday. I am also nervous about the big test tomm. like what are the qualifications of these "nurses" coming into my house to "test" me. I don't trust them and they will have me in a pretty ackward situation, I think we might have to have a drink together before we do the test, just like a first date.

I guess all dignity goes out the window when we first have kids, but man it just keeps going down hill. It will give me a cuckle at some point so that might make it all worth while.

We are finally getting the computer issue around here resolved today we hope. This Vik has wanted since he turned 40, so big day for the big guy.

Good luck to all the hockey boys in the playoff games, play hard.

Had a lovely dilivery from Jill and Amy this you are wonderful, thank you.

Luv the bag lady
Sam and Myah - I love and miss you, hope you are having fun....I know you are.


  1. Hey Colleen!!
    Carolyn told me about your blog, and I thought I would check it out!
    It doesn't disappoint, that's for sure.
    I hope things are starting to look up, and I'm glad I can read about your progress! Glad also, that you manage to keep your sense of humor through all of this:)
    Give yourself and the family huge hug's from me.
    Love you, and think about you all the time!
    Stay strong and keep smiling!
    - Natasha

  2. Hey - Kids are all safe at home - it is 7pm - Myah just got out of the bath tub (been an emotional day for her) - but things are looking up.
    All is well - bed time is coming up soon.
    love ya - loo