Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cancer free

Quick heard it cancer free.
She used the words cancer survivor, cancer free and lucky all in a 10 minute span.
She also told me I was an overachiever who needed to "Knock it off", or I will be sick again.
I couldn't understand why I am still so sick especially if I am now in the clear.
She clearly outlined the why's and told me after close examination that it will be several more weeks until I feel remotely like myself.

I have not gotten the clear to be back at work, in some ways that is good as I am ill so much.

I will update more tomorrow but wanted everyone to know I am thrilled, well more than thrilled to not have cancer.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The day before the big day..LOL

Nothing new to report today, same old.
I am hoping tomorrow comes fast and that this is a distant memory as of Thursday.
I continue to struggle with really feeling good, but I know, I know it will come.

Here is what I am thinking about all of you today...

Sometimes when I am
really down, and nobody
seems to be my friend,
I think of you
and the gentlest eyes
I've ever seen,
The warmest smile,
the most accepting heart.
I think of what you mean to me
and before long......
the skies of living
are clear again
and the sun of hope
is warm

- M shader

A billion thanks to all of you
So here I go, into the sunshine..............

Friday, April 9, 2010

Here is me with my cool gifts via TBay


The weather, always easier to talk about the weather is exactly as it should be, struggling but warm and sun and happy will win, promise, just give it some time.

Life is good, not much change, but that is good.

Uncle Tom, I love the poem, you really are neato eh. I miss you.

Already talking about summer plans and what to do, what to do. i think this is come by surprise and hope summer holds off a bit, cuz once it is here it too will be gone. Sometimes the anticipation is just as good as the event, sometimes better. We will be heading off to TBay as soon as we can. The exact dates need to be ironed out but we will head to where our hearts are, where I feel closest to my mom and am surrounded by love, laughter....and the most important to be near the grandma, the rock as I refer to her. She however has begun to call herself grandma moses...too funny grandma.

Sam has his big dance recital this weekend. I am nervous for him, but he seems to have it going on. It should prove to be something wonderful. I will take pictures.

Auntie Mern got the boys the Beatles rock band........hilarious. They think they are the Beatles. Will is Ringo, Ben is Paul and Sam is the other guy....and of course Myah is John Lennon. They have raced home everyday this week to play for me. They play yellow submarine best of all.

Enjoy your days off they only come every 5 days.
luv ya

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One more

more photos

April Showers....bring May flowers

A couple of pictures of the kids at the end of the season for soccer and hockey. Also one of Ben's stitches..yikes.

i cannot believe we are in April...I have sicked away the entire winter. I feel better everyday still too slow for me but happy it is going in the right direction. I need a nap everyday and cannot manage stress too well, but things are coming.

Everyone around here is happy to have some warm sunshine and get out of the house where it has begun to feel kinda like a prison. I still love my bedroom apt., but it too has become kinda small. I am venturing out as much as I can manage and hoping it encourages my body to be well and back to myself. Not so sure I will ever be exactly the same, but like I said before I am better in some ways in much worse in others. It seems my strengths have turned on me, like my endless energy is completely depleted, my ability to prioritize, time manage and get the job done......out the window. However, I am better at taking it slow, truly enjoying the moments, being able to see what really matters and feeling lucky just about every minute of every day. I no longer feel life is so hard, it seems wonderful and kinda cool now...the only problem is that it is going by way too fast all of a sudden.

We are heading right into lacrosse season, can't wait. All three boys will play again this year, Sam is goalie and Will and Ben play out. It will be exciting.

May is busy as well....Will is confirmed on May 6 (I think), Ben turns 12 May 2 and Myah 7 on May 3. Doris is coming to visit May 7, a major highlight for all of us. That brings us almost to the end of the school year and straight into high-school, don't I sound excited about that...?? Is there a program for parents with separation issues on that front? Will can't wait, has come way way too fast.

Got the ultimate coolest care package from my uncle Tom cat and Carolyn....way cool. The creativity is was so perfect. Especially the tiara. Thank you so much.

Happy spring