Sunday, March 14, 2010

I passed, I passed, I passed

I am over the moon, I passed the test. Not the dignity one the other more bag...yeepee!

I sat on the toilet from 11am to 1:45pm when she got here pushing, to make sure I had nothing left in me.

It worked, see you can study for a test you don't know how to take.....I also thought of just not drinking anything at all to beat the test...the levels I am stooping.

When you see me, I will be wearing my pants loudly and proudly....
It also means I can leave my bedroom, so here I come world.

Ben is very happy, he was so worried I was going to carry my bag into the arena. I might fake him out and take it anyway.

today is celebration day, I am going out.

bagLESS lady


  1. Yip-peepee! Nice going Colleen! Congrats on passing the test! and what a test to pass! Hope to get together if you are up to it. Paolo would like to borrow the catheter for his next night of drinking beer. The Martinolich family love and miss you very much!

  2. Baahhhhaaahashhqh!! Hey, umm, can we borrow that for Montreal??? We will be having many drinks for you baby and thinking of you the whole time. You just may get a call from us - so keep the phone close by. You look great in your Superstore photos by the way! I have to come say hello before the weekend. I'll give you a shout and see if you're up for a visit one night this week. XOX!

  3. Colleen, I think of you everyday but I haven't wanted to bother you. When can I bring you a coffee and visit?? You look great in your pictures..definately not someone with C.


  4. Hello my friend.. miss you !!
    So glad to hear you are feeling a bit better.
    I have been thinking about you every day and
    can't to see that smiling face soon..
    Keep relaxing :)
    Luv Jenna