Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pay Day...gotta love Thursday.

Better day today, much. I can see a pattern, takes me some time but I can see it now. I feel much better every second day. Cool, I can live with that. Got the OK to drive a little and that makes me feel free. Not that I can go far because of everything else but if I want to....heh I can.

Ben's leg it doing great, he is good as new.

Myah has taken to wearing a big bandage on her arm, no injury, just seeking if you see her feel free to shower her in love and caring..this is her goal.

Finals for hockey this weekend, and then all done. Both Ben and Will are playing both days this weekend. I am planning to try to catch at least one of the games, but need to play that by how I feel.

Samuell is also in the finals for soccer this Sat.

The big run is this Sunday........Around the Bay. I thought I would make it out...only to cheer you on, but doesn't look like that will happen. Amanda, Colleen, Maria, Trish, Jaq, Randy, and everyone else.............Smoke this thing for me. The weather rocks, don't want it too hot for the Bay or too cold. I think it will be just right. Everything is possible, just BELIEVE. I am cheering for you no no keep going.

Ottawa is coming soon after, those that did can totally do the full. As Colleen would say "It is sooooooooo doable".

I truely love you all near and far.

Ferma and Chris thanks for the movie's, I am loving them.

Sonya, Rob and Teta and, thanks so much for the amazing thoughtful prezzies....they are great and so thoughtful.



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  2. Good hear about the pattern - Give all the kids a big hug from their anti- Pamela.
    I am starting to THINK about running - hum... running .... hum.
    So - maybe I will go for a run, one of these days, - well - still thinking.
    - I removed this comment from the SAM comment - as I posted under someone else by mistake - sorry Sam.