Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last day of March

Feeling better all the time. I think I am starting to mentally and internally feel better than I have for a long time. The actual surgery recovery is taking a long time, but that is coming too. I can tell in my heart that I have the cancer out of me and I am truly on the mend. It feels really good.

Energy comes and goes, but I am trying to make the best of it and take it slow. It is funny because no matter what you might want to do, your body decides right now. I had no idea I was so bossy and controlling, god bless Vik.

Everyone here seems to be doing better. The kids take their cues from me and as long as I try to do things they seem to feel life is returning to normal. Myah asked me if I wanted to go for a jog with her............ya right, Soon.

Just in case someone missed this on the blogathon...I go back to Dr. Kupets @ Sunnybrook on April 14/10 @ like 2:30pm. i will get my all clear or not that day...I am sure sure sure it will be all good and get back to normal.

i am worried for everyone at work. I can feel the stress and upset from home, can't imagine how it feels being there with all the pending layoffs, position losses. I can tell you I can't really handle it, my ability to roll with things is unfortunately broken right now. i do hope everything is settled soon and the stress is minimal.

love you all


  1. Hey baybay!! So nice to see you over the last couple of days. Think about you all the time, even though I'm not in your face. Tell Myah thanks so much for her drawing. I have it on the kitchen counter. House will sell for sure now. Just needed that missing piece. Amanda was writing in her journal with her mits on as soon as she got home. So sweet. Of course, you have lots of people to help you at any time, but be sure not to hesitate to call. And if you feel up to getting out and sitting at Shoeless or somewhere for a short "girls night out", call me and count me in!!!! Doesn't have to be far or for long, but it would be fun for an hour or so to just unwind over a coffee or a drink if you feel like it. Love to all of you!! XOX!!!!

  2. Good Morning, and Happy Easter Weekend!

    I'm soo happy to hear that you're starting to feel good, and get back to normal at your own pace. You really sound like you're not rushing things, and taking it day by day, which is amazing.

    Kris has some TFC soccer tickets for you guys, 4 seats set aside to a game in June. I know the boys haven't been to a soccer game yet, and trust me they're alot of fun, I think they'll love it!

    I've been crazy busy....I get home from school, take a little time to relax....then I'm at the computer working every night until around midnight. I have list of things I need to get done on my fridge, it seems to never end. School is done in around 3 weeks, and I'm sooo excited!

    I would love to come out and see you, but have just been letting you rest and get back to fighting form. Let me know when's a good time. Would love to see you guys!

    Thinking of you always and sending my love!

  3. Hey Suz - Happy Easter to all - wish I could be there - but I know that the last thing you need is 5 extra people messing up your house.
    Thinking of you.

  4. Hey Beanie! Hope your working on your tan this weekend! Got out the yard toys and furniture today .. Tana loved sitting on her blanket in the backyard watching us putter around. She really took to laying on her belly and pulling the dead grass out of the ground and rolling to put it on the other side of the blanket, then rolling back .. oh to be 11 months again .. I can't believe she is going to be 1 year old in a few weeks.

    We are working like mad to get things together before we head to Punta Cana next week! I will be away when you get your results but will check your blog from the Dominican.

    As far as layoffs go, yeah it is pretty stressful considering I won't find out until the Monday I am back which conveniently is exactly one week away from my return to work date! Fun times let me tell you. It is out of our control right now and Steve and I have decided either way will be okay for us. Thankfully we are in a position (living a year on EI helps you adjust a bit to the loss of salary). Concentrating on all the good we have in our lives and that is now our fuel for getting through.

    So great you are getting back to a bit of normal!! I can't wait to see you and hug the crap out of you but for now BIG BIG HUGS AND KISSES FROM ALL OF US! We love you so!!

  5. Hey my girl,
    I hope that you were able to enjoy the beautiful weather this past weekend.
    Was the easter Bunny good to you? I sure hope so.
    I am thinking about you and hoping that everyday is a better day for you.
    Love and miss ya lots