Thursday, March 18, 2010

Better and Better

I am up and about....slow but sure. Can't sit up for too long, it makes me really tiered and sick.

I am definitely better every day, but it is still too slow for me.

I want to just be back to normal, not sure what the deal is with my need to fight the reality of the situation, I guess it is just me.

March break has been kinda funny, I can't do anything, including help out at all. We are actually enjoying our stay cation.

I can build anything and renovate and decorate now, hours and hours of fix it and sell it shows are teaching me a lot. Also makes our house look like a big pile of poop.

i thought I might drive the kids to the movie's the other day, but my good buddy Claus reminded me I was high on narcotics and put a stop to that...thanks Claus. I do keep pushing the envelope.

I sat in the sun all day yesterday and I actually do not look like a vampire today, a little colour goes a long way to feeling better.

I have to say thank you again for all the thoughtful, lovely truly meaningful gifts, activities for the kiddies and love. It makes me feel like a shitty friend compared to all of you...I promise to pull up my big girl panties and take your lead.

We continue to laugh a little louder each day around here and the silence is definitely over since Myah arrived home Tuesday eve.

Be safe, be swell and be well....luv ya


  1. Colleen
    One more day and the school break is over!.Reality has the kids going back to school on Monday, they'll probably miss you and vice a versa.
    I suggested to grandma that it'd would be good if she and I flew to hang out with you for a day or two, she almost went to pack and then realized that the flying would scare her to death.
    I'll try again.
    the bike season is happening here sooner than expected,it's been 15C or better all this week. Back to normal for next week 3C, that should slow things down. I miss you guys,
    Stay healthy.
    Love you

  2. Hey Colleen (and Family...)
    Back safe and sound - missing myah's little voice and Sam's help.
    Talk to you soon - keep sitting - what's this about the drugs?

  3. Oh - I forgot - Would you like a cup of tea?

  4. Hey Monkie! So nice to be albe to keep up with you through this blog. What a great idea, thanks for thinking of us :) Although your road to recovery is a lot slower than you might like ... embrace the time at this pace :) I miss you and can't wait to see you (I will patiently wait in line) thinking about you always! Love you and HUGE hugs and kisses! Kerrie xoxoxo