Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The day before the big day..LOL

Nothing new to report today, same old.
I am hoping tomorrow comes fast and that this is a distant memory as of Thursday.
I continue to struggle with really feeling good, but I know, I know it will come.

Here is what I am thinking about all of you today...

Sometimes when I am
really down, and nobody
seems to be my friend,
I think of you
and the gentlest eyes
I've ever seen,
The warmest smile,
the most accepting heart.
I think of what you mean to me
and before long......
the skies of living
are clear again
and the sun of hope
is warm

- M shader

A billion thanks to all of you
So here I go, into the sunshine..............


  1. BIG big day tomorrow - lovely poem - can wait to hear and celebrate all the good news. So lovely to go into the spring with a spring in our step. Looking forward to hearing about everything - know that I will be thinking of you and praying (and offering it up - as GG would say) - Keep happy.
    Hear a song today - made me smile - remember the one that the Partridge family opened with " hear the song that we're singing - com'on get HAPPY" :) LOVE you
    Love me - FART

  2. You have all of us with you, cheerin' you on!!!! Love you such an incredible amount!!